Client Success

Most consulting companies spend 20-30% on sales and marketing. Essention was founded in 2007 on the principle that good consulting requires highly skilled, local consultants and a business model that does not invest in sales or marketing.

Essention’s founders started the company based on these tenets because they felt the services business overly focused on profit over quality. We also believe that these simple tenets allow Essention to offer the best product to our clients. At Essention, we believe our people and our work are our sales and marketing. Our long standing track record with clients and the growth of our business is our sales pitch.

We offer highly skilled local consultants. The benefits of highly skilled local consultants cannot be under estimated. We hire, retain, and grow our consultants in-house. In our 10 year history, we have experienced little to no attrition and we are highly selective with our staff. We hire people who love technology and who are able to work well in the most challenging situations, whether that’s tight deadlines, challenging requirements, or limited budget.

As important as the high quality consultants, “local” is key. Local consultants will spend more time onsite, improving all aspects of the project. When the project is staffed with local consultants, those same people will be available for any possible future phases and projects. Most of our clients have worked with us even before the inception of our company a decade ago. And most of our staff lives in San Francisco. Our investment in our staff results in doing good work which enables our business to thrive solely on referrals and word of mouth. Our customers and our work are how we sell. We encourage you to talk to them and see what they say.

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